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Gather all kinds of food & beverages from all over the world

Bringing Food and Drinks from All Over the World
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The JAPAN INT’L FOOD & BEVERAGE EXPO (JFEX) is a food and beverage expo that brings together a wide variety of foods and drinks from all over the world.

Within the Japanese expo's four specialised shows—JFEX FOOD, JFEX WINE & SPIRITS, JFEX MEAT & DAIRY, and JFEX PREMIUM—thousands of attendees and hundreds of businesses will gather.

Along with this, the food and beverage trade show will be held twice, once during the summer and once during the winter, and both times will serve as a gateway to the food and beverage markets of Japan and Asia. Because there will be two editions, it will be easier for exhibitors to get their brand in front of a greater number of attendees.

JFEX Summer -  19 June (Wed) – 21 June (Fri), 2024 | Tokyo Big Sight
JFEX Winter -  27 November (Wed) – 29 November (Fri), 2024 | Makuhari Messe 

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Frozen food, retort food, agricultural/seafood products, confectionery, seasoning, etc. are all gathered from all over the world.


Wine, beer, whisky, liqueurs, sake, shochu, and other alcoholic beverages are showcased from around the world.


Japanese meat, livestock products, processed livestock products, and dairy products are all gathered from around the world.


Luxury and high-end processed foods, sweets, agricultural foods, seafood, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, etc. are showcased around the world.

Products on show

At JFEX, you will find a diverse array of food and beverages that will open you not just to Japan and Asia's markets but to all around the world.

Your Gateway to Japan's
Food & Beverages Market

JFEX, a Japan expo that brings together foods from all around the world, is split up into four distinct exhibitions, one for each type of food.

You will be able to conduct productive business conversations with buyers who have specialist interests if you host exhibitions for each product.

Our Partners

We made the decision to showcase JFEX in order to find a representative in Japan. The outcome exceeded our expectations as we successfully connected with the exact buyers we were seeking. We identified four major distributors who expressed interest in becoming our representatives in Japan. We have already committed to participating in the JFEX 2024 shows once again.

Nina Pita

The primary goal of participating in JFEX was to connect with spirits buyers in Japan. During the event, we had the opportunity to meet our targeted customers and expected to receive orders from approximately 8 companies already. If you are seeking wine & spirits buyers in Japan, attending JFEX is a must.

China Canton Shunchangyuan Wine & Spirits Co., Ltd.